Little Bird

There have been several times that the kids have found young birds that have fallen from their nests.  Usually I can’t find the nest.  And we have a lot of barn cats.  That isn’t a very good situation.

Today they found another young bird.  BUT, today I found the nest!!  I had to cut some dead limbs off of a pine tree, and use an extension ladder.  But, there was the nest with another young bird in it!

We didn’t touch the bird directly.  The kiddos made it this nice “nest” of grass and dandelions while it waited patiently.  After some time, I was able to take the bird up the ladder and put it in it’s nest!  Sadly, I scared the other bird still in the nest.  That bird tried to fly away.  We couldn’t find it.  It seemed to be able to fly kind of ok.  So I am hopeful that birdie #2 made it back to the nest.  It seems like if it had just fallen, we would have found it.  We looked all over.

Tonight I am thankful for helping at least one birdie today!  And seriously, I am hoping the other bird made it back to it’s home!



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