So Much!

This was a long week.

Now I am thankful for this long week, don’t get me wrong.  This week was very blessed.  Business is busy, which is a blessing.  Kids are having all sorts of after-school things, which means they are healthy, which is a blessing.  End of school stuff is popping up all over my calendar, meaning school is almost over, which is a blessing.  There are many blessings that can easily present themselves as bothers when I find it hard to sleep enough each night.

Tonight I am thankful for the blessings that filled my week.  I am also super-duper thankful to be in my bed hours before midnight tonight!!!  I’m going to do some great sleeping tonight!

P.S.  I am also thankful for seeing these baby birds under the bleachers at my son’s track meet last night!  I thought for sure the nest would be empty.  But there were these cuties in there!

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