Most Coveted of All Mother’s Day Gifts!

Today I received the most coveted of all Mother’s Day gifts.

I took a nap!

I did hear children enter my room at least three times to see if I was sleeping.  But, I had my back to the door and they snuck back out.

Honestly though, the nap was wonderful.  But my favorite part of the day was listening to my kids giggling and getting along this afternoon.  Before those moments and after those moments, I had to keep reminding the children that we all need to get along on Mother’s Day!!

Tonight I am thankful for a good Mother’s Day with a nap and giggling children!  As all mothers learn to do to keep their sanity, I am blocking out the other parts of the day.  And I am just looking at the good parts ❤

This is not a “today” picture.  But here is a nap-time picture with my napping kitty.


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