This puppy joined our family last summer.  He turned one last Friday!

Last summer we took him out a lot.  He was little.  And he was easy to take out and about!  Then we got to fall.  School started.  Sports started.  The doggie got bigger and the ground got muddy and wetter.  Thru the winter months, the puppy stayed home.

Now, we have an anti-social doggy!!!  NOOO!  So, we have been leaving the house more to get used to people again.  Today we went for a walk on some trails.  When he saw a lady out walking, he barked and his hair stood up.  He had to sit down and quiet down.  Then we went for ice cream.  He tried to be on his best behavior to get a treat.  And he did sooo good!  I think we need to get ice cream every time 🙂

Tonight I am thankful for a good outing with the doggy!  I was so proud of him at the ice cream place!  There was only one person there when we got there.  But when we left, there were at least 8 people.  He didn’t bark at them or anything!  He stopped eating his ice cream several times and looked around.  But he stayed quiet and polite.  Yay!



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