I won’t get sucked in.  I won’t get sucked in.  I won’t get sucked in!!!

This is what I’ve been repeating to myself lately.

I haven’t written much about our Dave Ramsey journey lately.  Baby Step #3 is proving to be very slow and monotonous in this house.  Baby Step #2, paying off debts from smallest to largest, can be exciting!  You pay off a debt, then another one, and then another one!  There are all these small victories!  You feel empowered!!

We’ve been on Step #3, saving 3 to 6 months in an emergency fund, for several months now with not a lot of traction.  It is boring.  And it feels like we are getting nowhere.  So, when a shiny new opportunity comes our way, I want to jump!  But, it’s not our time.  I remind myself of our goals.  Then the opportunity comes back.  Then it comes back again!!!  ARGH!!!  But, we will not venture off our course!

Although we have not gotten very far in our baby step #3 yet, we have been able to handle a lot of life expenses with no credit cards and no crisis!  That is important and a nice little step in to “financial peace”!  If we got distracted by these shiny opportunities, we would never get to the greatest layers of financial peace!!

Tonight I am thankful for the peace that comes with staying on a path, even when it seems boring.  I like a little thrill, so the lack of peace isn’t always scary to me.  But when I put it in perspective with how far we’ve come, how far something else would take us from our next goal, and how much an opportunity would really cost us . . well, it’s easier to stay on the boring course.  I’m not much for boring.  But boring here is worth it for a short while!

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