Today I was at a very nice home.  When I came in, I took off my shoes.  When I went to leave the home, I picked up one foot to put in my shoe and heard a buzzing so loud it made me jump!

Outside the front door screen was a very angry bumblebee!

I will walk around houses with bees, most wasps, and mosquitoes.  But I don’t know how to reason with an angry bumblebee!  And this guy was very mad.  I think he blamed me for all his life problems!

Tonight I am thankful that I was only a little late for the appointment after the bumblebee house!  I am not sure if there would be understanding that I HAD to use the front door with the lockbox and that is where the angry bumblebee was!  I am thankful that the angry bumblebee went away!  And I am thankful for a sting-free day! 🙂

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