Middle Momma

I read a blog in the last few days that was about mothers.  It was great.   I’ll stick the link at the bottom of tonight’s blog.  It was a good read.

Here’s the thing with mothers . . we forget we are normal.  We see other mothers all around us.  We pass them in the store.  We see them online.  We see them in movies.  We drive next to them at school.  And we somehow forget that it is normal and actually exactly on-point to be less than ideal as a mom!

For instance, I’ll admit, I totally throw fits in this house sometime.  I don’t always feel good about it.  But I have thrown fits when my mothering household duties somehow fade in to the wall and no one sees me.  Unlike the article, when I feel fading away, I tend to be vocal.  It keeps me sane.  I would be worse if I kept quiet.  It would eat at me until I questioned and condemned myself; and that’s not ok.

The things I love about this article are the relate-able every day things that I try to keep in perspective in my life as being “for a season”.  I have been trying with meals at home, but we’ve had a LOT of fast food lately.  And it looks like we will continue that way for the next four weeks or so until school is out.  I am happy this spending is eating at our budget? No.  Could I change that course?  Absolutely!  What would it cost me?  My sanity.  It would cost me my sanity to try harder to keep with the home meals and meal-planning right now!  That is too high a cost, so tonight I stopped at Taco Bell and my family was fed.  I win 😉

The author of the blog talks about conversations with her husband sounding like “a board meeting or attack plan for the week”.  Yep.  Absolutely.  In my early 20’s I appreciated the way this man and I could go out and laze about a day.  Now, I deeply, deeply appreciate the way this man attends our attack planning sessions for the week and pitches in without hesitation.  Do we get down to rock, paper, scissors sometimes to see who is doing what?  Maybe!  But, we get it done.  What’s better than a track team that supports each other?  Parents that support each other and tag-team the meets, while the other parent is left in a one on three offense to get kids where they need to be!

Tonight I am thankful for the affirmation that I’m not crazy!  I think sometimes that we should slow down life.  But, honestly I don’t know what I would cut out.  This is only for a season.  And that helps!  In one month, things will slow down.  School will be over.  I’ll cook meals again.  And I’ll be thankful for the slow-down.  For now I’m thankful for this season of life!  We’re on the move a lot.  But it’s an investment of time and attention that is worth the effort!  And I truly will bench the guilt if we eat pizza AGAIN tomorrow night.  A little extra pizza never hurt anyone.  Maybe the pizza woman misses our kittens . . maybe she’s waiting for me to call again! 🙂


To The Middle Season Mamma in May


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