This week is the last week of the real estate class I’ve been hosting.  It’s been a good time with some great ideas!

After Memorial Day will be the last class for the Financial Peace class I’ve been leading.  It’s been good to see the information changing people’s thoughts!

I’ve had revelations on time before, usually after cheerleading season.  When there are things that I’ve committed to, I make room for them on my calendar.  But, when there are things that would better just for me, they don’t generally stay on my calendar for long.

So, I’m giving myself a little time.  When the classes are over, my schedule is changing a little.  And in the time between now and then, I have to work on changing my mindset to making my own things as important as I make other things!  This has been a struggle for quite some time.

Tonight I am thankful that I still have at least a week to work on changing my thoughts!!  Why is it so much easier to do something for someone else, than it is myself?  Well . . no answering questions yet, I have to keep working on changing my priorities here!

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