Too Serious

These are my legs.  On my left leg, do you see a slight circle?  A stain?  Yes it is there.

Do you know what these pants are?  These are moderately priced (HA!  “moderately priced”  Ok, no, they were cheap!  The cheapest I could find!) exercise pants that are at least 2 1/2 years old.  Like they’ve been washed so many times, they are more gray than they are the black colored they started out as.

I wore these tonight to a band performance.  I had two children performing.  There were adults there in dresses and suits (some in jeans and t-shirts also, to be honest).  I did ask a kiddo before we left if my pants looked ok.  I was told they looked ok.

I am just tired!  Plain old tired, and I didn’t care enough to change my pants from the wonderful comfort of stretchy cotton to something more presentable.  Oh well!  We are in the count-down to the end of school at this point.  The next few weeks are filled up with end of school ceremonies, orientations, and more.  Somehow in the next few weeks I’ve scheduled dentist, orthodontist, and doctor appointments for kiddos.  I mean we are looking at the next few weeks of survival!

We don’t just want to survive though!  We want to thrive!  And do you know how I make it thru this time with some sanity left over?  Well sometimes, I just don’t care what kind of pants I wear out of the house if I am comfortable and not in my fuzzy minion pajama pants!

Tonight I am thankful for comfortable pants!  I am thankful that really, who cares what pants I wore!!  I am thankful for a great band concert with wonderful performances!  And I am thankful somewhere along the road of life, I’ve learned to just not take myself too seriously!  (Although maybe next time I should find old pants with no stain . . if those exist . . I think that pants just start sprouting stains after a certain time period in my ownership!)


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