Dear Sleep,

I miss you.  I know you have been waiting for me.

Believe me, when I’m not with you, I’m thinking about you.  Late at night, when I’m here at my desk, I’m dreaming about you.  I enjoy every second we have together.  I know you miss me too.

There was a time long ago that I took you for granted.  I am sorry for those times.  If I could go back and change things, I would.  But we can’t live looking at the past.  So I’ll try harder in the present to make time for you.  I know you are there waiting patiently for me.  We’ll work this out somehow.  Maybe now is just not the time we are meant to live fully in each other’s lives.  But maybe it is and I just need to put in a bigger effort to make things work between us.  I’ll keep trying!

Love, Me

Tonight I am thankful for a nice comfortable bed that I will be visiting very soon!  I won’t stay there long enough.  But I will enjoy the time that I am there!


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