Life is funny when you think about it over lots of years.  I was a person who simply could not take a nap.  I would lay down and nothing would ever happen.  Becoming a mommy changed that.  Now I can nap while sitting in my office chair and even in my car.

Today I brought my laptop to do some work out in the car while my son had practice a half hour away from home.  My laptop has recently done an update.  It is now working very slowly . . hmmm update drama I think!  I couldn’t get it to work well enough.  So I finally turned it off.  I just wasn’t in the mood to troubleshoot!

Then I reclined the seat and closed my eyes.  I must have fallen right asleep.  The next thing I remember is my son knocking on the window!

Tonight I am thankful for a nice little parking lot nap!  It was nice.  🙂

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