Shoe Crisis

With both of my businesses I go in to people’s homes and take photographs.  This makes people nervous.

Many people apologize for the slightest clutter or dust in their homes.  I tell them not to worry.  Really!

For tonight, I will tell you what I think when I walk thru people’s homes!!  I’m really not thinking a lot of opinions.  I’m looking at the things that go in to the value of a home.  If the rug is stained, I don’t even notice; I’m looking at the flooring under the rug.  If the sink is full of dishes, I don’t care; I’m looking for signs of a garbage disposal under the sink.  I don’t care if the laundry isn’t put away in the laundry room; I’m looking to see if there are signs of moisture from washer overflows or improperly vented dryers.

I do sometimes post pictures of unique, really old, or just weird home things.  But they don’t have me talking about it for days afterwards.  It is quick pictures of foreclosed homes for peoples’ enjoyment and then I go about my day.

BUT, every once in awhile, I do notice something really cool.  And when I do I, of course, compliment people on their cool house features.  Then I sometimes save the idea for my future use!

I was in a house yesterday that will solve a several month long issue in my home!  See, we have shoe issue.  We have lots of people and lots of shoes.  Yes, I am part of the problem.  I can admit it.  Anyway, I wanted the hubster to build shoe drawers for me.  In my mind it seems so easy.  The hubster didn’t think so.  A contractor didn’t think so.  And, when I’m being logical, I guess I see their point.  But, what else could we do with the shoes??

I’ve been in lots of different homes with different shoe storage ideas.  None of them would work well for us.  Lots of the larger scale shoe storage options are in attached garages.  We don’t have one.  Then I went in to this home!  I forgot to show the hubster the picture until tonight.  He liked it!!  Our shoe problem now has an agreeable solution!!  And we can finally finish the area in to the crawl space!!  Hooray!!

Tonight I am thankful for this great shoe idea!  It seems so simple!  Why hadn’t we thought of this before?

(This is at basement stairs)


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