Gotta Go!

There are some things in life that you just have to laugh about!

Today I was running from appointment to appointment.  I came up over a hill and saw I was going to have to stop for a train.  I was sitting there a little annoyed for a minute.  It was a cargo train, one of the long ones.

I do like trains.  Usually I try to take a minute to just be calm and watch the train.  Today it took me a minute to notice what exactly was on the trailer right in front of me.  Porta-potties.  Ha!!

I guess if the train stopped on the tracks, the good ole’ trailer in front of me could have came in handy to a motorist far away from their destination!  Yes, that is what went thru my mind in the middle of the day!

Tonight I am thankful for the funny timing of life, even in little moments!  It is great to remember to not take things too seriously all the time!!



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