Perfect Timing

Some things just fit.

I bought this hat today on my last kiddo elementary school field trip ever!  First of all, we had a wonderful time.  Second, I like this hat.

“Make History”

That’s what we’re doing.  Some things are the last of things.  But they are also the first of things.  The first day of kindergarten for my oldest was the last day of all four kiddos being home all year long.  My second-oldest was the first one to go to all day kindergarten; which was the last of my plans to have special half day things before or after school.  My second-youngest was the first to go to kindergarten so young, and she was the last to have such conviction that she was ready to go to school!  My youngest was the last to go to kindergarten, and that was the first of my days of reconstructing life from being needed 24/7 for the past ten years.

All the moments of the firsts and the lasts, and everything in between is our history.  This is what we are doing day in and day out.  We are making our own history.  From the days of big events and accomplishments, to the days of movie marathons and pajama parties; we are making our history.

Our history may never be in a museum or in a book; but it will be written on the hearts of this family.  And I can think of no greater accomplishment in life than to have made a beautiful history with those I love most!

Tonight I am thankful for a little more history made today with our last elementary field trip ever!  I am thankful that the last of today’s trip is the first of a new chapter next school year.  I am thankful for our history we will make tomorrow with the last day of school.  I am thankful for the history we’ve made in our yesterdays and the history we’ll make in our tomorrows.  “Make History” or live intentionally, full of love, and with grace.  That’s what we’re striving for.



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