Really Dumb

I consider myself a fairly smart person.

But every once in awhile, I do something really dumb!

Like today; we had a family day of fun planned.  The hubster took a day off work.  I had purchased tickets for our fun-ness four months ago.

And four months ago I had entered our day of fun on the calendar ON THE WRONG DAY!!!

Tonight I am thankful for my family rolling with the punches and still having some fun; although it was not at all what we planned.  And I am super, duper, duper thankful to my workmate for making calls and changing my upcoming schedule so that we can use the tickets I had purchased on the actual day they are for.

I am truly blessed for sure.  Today, and upcoming real ticket-day could have been ruined by my mistake.  But, everyone was gracious and understanding ❤  Look at this patient man . . I do keep his life interesting 🙂


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