Not Perfect (Still Great!)

February 17, 2019 – Amtrack runs a sale on tickets for summer travels.  A Buy One, Get One Free, if I remember correctly.  I think: What a great chance to take the kids on a real train!  I had never been on a true passenger train until my daughter’s Girl Scout troop went.  And now we could take all the kids for half the price!  So we bought the tickets!

Just one stop to the west.  We’d go and have lunch, explore the town, and then catch the train back home.  It sounded fun!  I put it on the calendar and went about February things.  Fast forward several months, the hubster puts in to take the day off work.  We look at the calendar and he gets the day off.  The day comes, we go to the train station.  The train is late.  We wait.  The train arrives.  We go to board, and find out the tickets were for the next day!  I had put the wrong day on the calendar!

<Insert Yesterday’s blog with my scheduling fiasco.>  Last night, I stayed up late.  This morning, I woke up early.  I went as fast as I could all morning with appointments squeezed together.  I got home, I got the kids.  We make it to the train station with no hubby this time; he did not have today off of work.  The train was late.  But, we got to ride the train!

We get to Battle Creek.  The downtown has been going thru renovations where the train station is!  It looks pretty good!  Only one problem, there aren’t a lot of businesses there yet in their revitalization efforts.  We have a delicious lunch at Clara’s by the River with a great waiter!  We walk a river trail to what should be a museum.  We end up in a shady part of town, the museum is nestled between boarded up buildings and overgrown landscape.  I think the two knives in my purse may not be enough.  The museum is only open for a few hours on the weekend, NOT the weekdays.  We get safely back to downtown.  We check Google.  We find a visitor’s center; which does have a small museum!  We walk around a little more.  We can not find ice cream anywhere.  We do get snacks and get back to catch our train home.  The train is 40 minutes late.  We get back to our van and stop for chocolate shakes.

Tonight I am thankful for our train adventure today!  It wasn’t exactly what I planned.  And it wasn’t perfect.  But I’m sure the kids will remember this trip (and the day before the trip) for the rest of their lives!


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