Last Night

This evening was the last class for the Financial Peace class I have been leading.  We had an extra long run with this one; needing several different weeks off for various reasons.

The last class of this program is my absolute favorite.  Absolute.  Absolute.  Absolute Favorite.

A person could go thru the class, follow all the steps, and it would mean nothing if they don’t understand the last lesson.  The last lesson is about the peace and the joy that comes from the hard work; but better, from understanding the “why” behind all the steps and lessons.  The “why” is not the money.  The “why” is so much more.

Tonight I am thankful for watching these important lessons touch more lives!  I am thankful for the moments of fear and anxiety years ago that led me to look online for a better way to live.  And I am thankful for all the steps we’ve taken, sacrifices made, and progress we’ve made since then!  I am thankful that my kids get to see this and learn; and hopefully never make the mistakes we’ve made.  Hopefully they will always have Financial Peace; where they get to live generous and blessed lives always!


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