I looked for weeks and weeks to find Felicia!  She was a very well taken care of minivan who was rarely driven.  She was nine years old when I bought her and she had just a little over 39,000 miles on her.

Here we are now, one and a half years later.  Look what I’ve done to her!!!!

Poor girl!  She loved a quiet, peaceful, stain-free life for so many years.  I don’t think she ever had children before my family.  Now she has stains.  She has crumbs by her seat anchors.  She has scratches.  She’s dirty.  And she has a lot more miles!

Tonight I am thankful for my minivan Felicia!  She is a trooper!  She has a totally different life with our family than she did with her previous owner!  This weekend I’m going to treat her to a car wash and an oil change in honor of her turning 100,000 miles!


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