Morning Choice

Weekend appointments require thought.  Do I want to leave my house early on a weekend morning for work and have the rest of the day to do whatever?  Or, do I want to relax a little with a morning of nowhere to be and go to appointments later?

Weekends are supposed to be for relaxing a little, right?

This morning I think I made a good choice.  I was up and out the door early.  The air had that great morning smell to it.  The rest of the world hadn’t all woken up yet.  My windows were down and the radio was up.  It was more relaxing than laying in my bed would have been!

Tonight I am thankful for a Saturday morning appointment planned well!  What a beautiful morning!  I hope you all got to enjoy it too!

*P.S.  If you tilt your head a little to the right and look at the picture below; it looks like the clouds are in a smiley face 🙂



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