These people are my heart.  They make every day worth living.  Life, as I knew it, changed sixteen years ago today.

Today is my daughter’s birthday.

Many years ago, when she thought about today’s birthday, I know she had a different type of celebration in mind.  That is one thing that is fantastic about her though; she hasn’t let it get her down!  She’s had some rough time learning life/people stuff in recent years.  And that’s what changed her plans for today’s birthday.  But she still made plans for a great day!  And coming up, we’ll have an awesome birthday trip celebration!

Tonight I am thankful that my birthday girl had a great day!  I am thankful that these four are friends!  I mean, they fight . . believe me, they fight . . but they love each other and they are friends.  This is the biggest gift I hope they always cherish; each other.


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