I smelled it outside the front door . . gas.

Ok, definitely a serious thing.  But, not horrible.  I mean, I’ve smelled gas outside of homes before.  Especially empty homes.  Sometimes a technician turns off the gas to an unoccupied home and a wiff of gas stays in the air for a bit.  It happens.

I’d been working for twelve hours.  I just wanted to finish this last house and head home.  I unlocked the door and went inside.

Uh-Oh.  I could still smell it inside too.  Well, I thought to myself, I’ll just take some pictures and head right outside.  I was in to the second room of the house and wondered what the time limit is that a person can breathe in gas and stay coherant.  Maybe this wasn’t worth it.

Ignition . . what could catch the gas?  Not my phone clicking photos.  I wouldn’t turn on any lights.  I’d just snap pictures.  I rolled my eyes at myself.  This wasn’t worth it.  My own thoughts were enough to show I shouldn’t be there!  I headed back towards the door and heard a clicking.  I looked around the corner and saw the stove.  The stove was left on and letting out the gas.  I turned it off, took a picture to show what I had found, and left.  I called and informed people of the situation and drove home.  I’ll go back out another day when the house has been aired out.

Tonight I am thankful that God has at least tens of thousands of angels following me around!  When I some day get to Heaven, I feel like there will be jokes about all the stupid situations that I put myself in and God saved me from!  I am thankful that nothing happened today.  Something could have.  I am fully aware of what could have happened.  And I know I need to do better.



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