A few months ago my internet provider sold their businesses to another company.  About three weeks ago an “update” left me without internet for a few days.  Technicians came out to the house and did stuff.  And we had internet again . . kind of.

Since then we have had horrible service.  I have talked to multiple tech support people.  I have been told that I’m using too much internet – although I have a huge plan that never had problems before.  Finally a tech person agreed that it was not our issue.  He promised to call back.  He hasn’t.

Today I sent them a cancellation notice.  This has wasted so much time and money; as I’ve had to use my cellphone’s hot spot as a back-up when our house internet just disappears.

Tomorrow morning, on the fourth of July, a technician is coming from our new internet provider.  My fingers are crossed that this is good service.  Two days ago I charted our upload and download speeds for over an hour.  The average was 0.8 mbps.  We never even hit 2.  Our internet plan states up to 24 mpbs.  We could just go back to dial-up for this speed.

Tonight I am thankful for a push towards trying something new.  We have a 14 day trail period with the new company.  It is a national company, so there will be better support and customer service.  And possibly a $30/month savings!




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