In this house, I do most of the grocery shopping.  It is always entertaining when the hubster goes grocery shopping.

I will put a disclaimer that I am in no way a perfect shopper!  I am a sucker for a good sale or clearance.  I’ve been working on saying “No!”.  The hubster is a sucker for cookies, candy, chips; pretty much anything unhealthy!

I’ve been trying to turn the direction of my eating back to a healthier manner.  I wasn’t thinking when I asked the hubster to go to the store tonight.  He had a list.  It had healthy items on it.  He returned and the house is now stocked on chips, cookies, and candy again!  *sigh*  He means well!

Tonight I am thankful for another day of eating the yummy stuff!  I’m giving myself thru the weekend.  Monday it’s on!

Here’s a pick of my puppy.  He has offered to eat all things that I don’t want.  BUT, I don’t think that’s a good plan either 😉

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