We’ve been working on our budget.  We’ve been planning our money goals.  We’ve been sticking with the plan!  Well, mostly.

We’ve been researching, comparing, and planning on a pool purchase for several weeks.  We wanted to do a big, solid pool.  But, we had a family meeting a week or two ago.  We got everyone’s input on different family things to spend money on.  And the big, solid pool idea just didn’t make it to the top of our list.

We went back to researching, comparing, and planning.  And we picked a pool that fit in the budget.

This morning the hubster and I went out shopping.  We found a pool that was a good candidate from what we had been looking at.  But, it wasn’t quite “the one” yet.  We kept shopping.  We found a slightly smaller pool for $100 less than the first pool.  There was only one of these pools on the shelf.  So we got it.  We felt good about this choice.

We got up to check out and the pool was $100 cheaper than the price advertised!!  Woo hoo!  This was definitely the right pool for us!  I almost skipped out of the store!

Tonight I am thankful that we have a pool again!  I am thankful that we researched and compared!  And I am thankful that we ended up coming in under budget with a wonderful pool!!

P.S. I borrowed this pool image from the internet 🙂

Above Ground Pool with Water

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