Some days are just not as easy as other days.

I woke up just a little on the tired side. Then I got an early morning text trying to change an appointment that I blocked half my day for.  The only support person available was via instant chat.  Sometimes I like the chat option.  This morning I did not.  It took about 20 minutes to have a three minute conversation.  And it ended with a promise to fix an error that I didn’t completely believe.


Maybe it was that.  Maybe I let that pull me down this morning.  I was just on the cranky side.  With a million things to do, I just needed someone to NOT mess up the morning plans.  *sigh*  Maybe I should have written a blog this morning and put myself in the right frame of mind . . a thankful frame of mind!

Tonight I am thankful that this blog surely does get my mind on the right track to look for blessings.  Today was a little rough.  Tomorrow will be better.  Sleep well everyone!

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