Years ago I thought it would be a good idea to start a tradition of doing a 5k each year with the kids.  Back then the kids were much littler.  And I wanted it to be fun, so they would hopefully look forward to it.  That first year we did the Rad Run and got doused in color.  My youngest was so little that his little legs got wore out and I carried him part of the way.  We’ve done that Rad race, the Superhero run, the Insane Inflatable, the Color Run, and the Great Pumpkin run – twice.  We are now on Year Seven!

I have always enjoyed running.  A few years ago I tore my PCL in my knee.  Running has changed for me since then.  I had made a goal for myself to run one mile on the one year anniversary of my injury.  I did it!  Then I limped for the rest of the day.  I haven’t set any real distance running goals since.  Until now.

This year I am doing the Insane Inflatable 5k with the kids.  BUT, my cross country boy also wanted to do the Great Pumpkin run and carry a pumpkin the whole way as a Tough Pumpkin.  Well, if I’m going to drive all the way up there, then I should do it too, right?  And if it’s just the two of us, then I want to run the whole way so my cross country boy doesn’t finish the race an hour before my walking time!

Tonight started training.  This is going to be a LOOOOONG road for me.  Fortunately I have a lot of time.  I’ve been working on strengthening my knee for the past couple weeks.  Now I’ll keep adding in a little more, a little at a time.  Not only is the goal to RUN a 5k with a knee capable of only operating at app. 80-90% of it’s former glory; this run will be on a bumpy and uneven field.

What is that saying?  “If your goals don’t scare you, then they aren’t big enough”?  Well right now this is scary.  I like a variation of that quote that I heard from Christy Wright of Business Boutique, “Your dream should be so big that if God’s not in it, you’ll fail.”  Yep, that’s about where I’m at!

Tonight I am thankful for a new goal!  A good goal!  And a slightly intimidating goal.  I have been a much more sedentary person lately.  This will be good for me!  And I am thankful I have enough time to do this slowly so I don’t hurt myself again!

*Here I am today with the possibly evil, but definitely inanimate treadmill.

**And here is the very first 5k that the kiddos and I ran!




October 2013

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