This has been such a great weekend!

Yesterday, when the wind made the parasailing boats come in for the day, I was worried that this celebration, birthday outing was going to be a let down for my daughter.  This morning we woke up and called; the boats were going out to parasail!!

We made a reservation and showed up early!  Both girls were nervous; but definitely enjoyed it!

Here’s the neatest thing – my birthday-celebrating daughter got to go up in the sail twice!!!  The winds were not consistent, so the captain was being cautious with the people going up.  There was another group that needed another rider to have weight evenly distributed.  Of all the people on the boat, he asked my birthday-celebrating daughter if she wanted to go up again!  So she got a free second sail!  Yay!!

Tonight I am thankful for a wonderful birthday-celebrating weekend with my girls!  We had many more moments of fun-ness for sure!  And I am thankful for the small blessings that made this trip extra special; like an extra free sailing ride for my daughter!


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