Just a few days ago I was checking prices on Detroit Tigers and Lions tickets.  A few years ago I was fortunate to find a day when the Tigers were playing in the afternoon and the Lions were playing at night.  It was a great time!

But, the whole family wasn’t there.  The boys and I went every year for a little while there.  The girls have never been.  And they want the experience too.  I do not want to blow the budget on expensive tickets for girls who are really there for the experience than for the actual ball game.

Then tonight, I was sitting here at my computer and an email flashed across my screen.  Free Detroit Lions tickets!!!  They are pre-season tickets.  But who cares?!?  They are free!  I signed up, paid for parking, and we are ready to go!  Yes, I pay for parking in advance.  I learned that the one the hard way!

Tonight I am thankful that we will be going as a family to see the Lions play!  We’ll set a budget for food of course.  But free tickets leave more room for popcorn!!

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