Cheap Fix

My office bathroom has been functional, but not finished for some time now.  A big reason is because I can’t make up my mind!!

It is a small half bath, on a slab, with a partial concrete wall at the bottom of the wall; that meant we had to get a little non-conventional with the plumbing.  This means that we have a little non-conventional wall lines and plumbing lines.

I’ve been getting impatient with my own indecision!  This afternoon I stopped in at Goodwill really quick to look for furniture inspiration.  I found this little end table / small bookshelf thing for $6.09.  It was brown.  Nothing in my office is brown.  The kids and I ran to Dollar General for paint.

A few cans of spray paint, a jig saw, some creativity; and BAM I have something that might just work here!  We cut out a notch from the back of the shelf for the plumbing to fit.  I’m thinking a custom build-up of a shelf towards the ledge of the sink might be a good idea also.

Tonight I am thankful for a good fix for the half bathroom for around $10!  We’ll get it finished up soon in there!  It’s time to make a decision and just go with it!



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