I did not sleep nearly enough last night.  I was up working on things and moving things in my office.  And I knew today would be hard.

But, I am super proud!  In the past, the days when I don’t sleep enough easily become snack days.  There is something about being tired that makes me want to munch on all the foods I see.

This morning I had a meeting at Big Boy at 7:15am.  I got out of the van reminding myself to be strong.  I smelled all the wonderful breakfast smells!  I sat at a table with people who ordered the wonderful breakfast foods.  I sipped my water as the waitress delivered the wonderful breakfast platters right in front of me!  And I did not waiver!

So I did not hit my 20 – 4 hour intermittent fasting goal today.  But I think I slayed my goals today anyway at 16-8 hours!

Tonight I am thankful for staying strong amongst the yummy breakfast foods this morning!  I’m feeling strong!!  I can do this!  Healthiness is in sight!!

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