I have been collecting things 🙂

No, this is not my closet-pack-rat tendancies being thrown in to the spotlight!  We’ll save those for another day . .   This is about my frugal, thrifty, deal-finding side!

We are taking a family vacation later this year to a place with a famous mouse!  I plan on buying NO souvenirs while there.  Last November, I got everyone a stuffed Disney classic on a Black Friday sale.  I’ve been collecting Disney shirts on sales and clearances.

I read some great ideas to keep expenses down!  Like, skipping the meal plan, packing a lunch, and leaving it in an insulated lunch box in a park locker!  I plan on stopping at a grocery store, or researching Shipt shoppers in that area.  Inside the park I plan on spending money on cold drinks and possible ice cream – paid for with Disney gift cards that I will buy discounted at Sam’s Club!  That is all for in-park expenditures!

Today, I was out picking up a few things with the hubster at Dollar General and I saw Disney Pez dispensers for $1.50 each!  I grabbed them!  They are going in our vacation pile!

Tonight I am thankful for cost savings research and plans to do this vacation in cash with no regrets, no debt, and only wonderful memories!

I seriously have been planning this vacation in my head since I was pregnant with my first baby!  I wanted all the kids to be old enough to walk around themselves without needing a nap.  That gave us some time!  And in that time we found Dave Ramsey and added that this trip would be done in cash; cash that was set aside specifically for this vacation and NOT needed to pay a bill.  That’s a big goal.  We’ve been working our tails off.  And BAM!  We will do this vacation thing wonderfully!!!

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