Last night I was very proud of myself for setting my alarm this morning to give myself a little over eight hours of sleep!  Eight hours is really something I only get to do on the weekends.

This morning I somehow shut off my alarm and slept for ten!!!

Most mornings I get up and get a couple hours of work in before my day actually “starts”.  This morning, I was supposed to get a report completed.  I did not.

Motivation was gone.  And actually getting moving for my day seemed as exciting as getting a tooth pulled.  But ah, such is adulthood.

There were appointments, child appointments, work appointments, another child appointment, and more work appointments.

I never did find my motivation for today.  I didn’t “rockstar” anything about today.  And that is OK!

Tonight I am thankful that sometimes life is ok if you just live it.  If you just breathe in and breathe out some days, that’s good.  I don’t know why my body, mind, and attitude decided that I would just feel “meh” today . . but it’s ok to take a “meh” day sometimes.  Now I’m off to bed . . . with multiple alarms!

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