One More Week

Sometimes, I don’t like this time of year.  It seems to be looming over my heart . . soon my kiddos will be leaving me for school again.  Bleh school.  I love when my kiddos are home!

Of course I want them to learn and grow and all that good stuff.  But I love when they are all home ❤

I could talk about how fast they are growing, etc. etc.  But the way I feel has nothing to do with that.  I felt this way when they were little.  And I will feel this way when they are adults, come to visit, and leave after celebrating the holidays with their own families.  They are my absolute favorite people in the entire world.  I love being around them.  And that will never change!

Tonight I am thankful that we still have one more week of summer break before they go back to school!  I will soak up every moment I can with my babies!

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