Second Hand

With the start of the new school year approaching, I now have a new child in band – yay!  That means a new instrument to purchase – less than yay.

I’ve been keeping an eye out on line for a used instrument.  I don’t buy new instruments for sixth graders.  Just my own personal parenting standard I suppose.  When my first band student had me going to the instrument rental night, I was shocked to see the dollar amount on an instrument that my child did not even know how to play.  So we’ve bought used.

So far I hadn’t been successful with finding a good, used instrument.  Then I was talking with my daughter and this-year’s graduates came up.  She messaged one, and BAM – sale!  She had a good, used instrument that she was not going to use anymore.  And we had cash!  It was a great trade!

Tonight I am thankful for picking up a used instrument today for a fraction of the new price!  I’m working my way down the back to school checklist.  Clothes, pens, backpacks, shoes, fall sports stuff, instrument . . . we are closing in!



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