Party-Pooper Vibe

They say that some things get better with age.  I think more things get better with experience and wisdom!

For instance, I have this wonderful and not-so-wonderful tendency to see opportunity everywhere!  My natural reflex is to hear the word “no” as a challenge.  And yes, I talk to my kids about this frequently when they question my “no”s!!

On a small scale, this isn’t a huge deal.  But, I see opportunities in large scales also.  This has some times put me in places I shouldn’t have been.  The wisest words that I heard on this subject are ones that I repeat to myself regularly now-a-days, “Just because something is a good opportunity does not mean that it’s a good opportunity for You!”  All I see, when left to my own reaction, is the opportunity.  I don’t like to see the risk.  I don’t like to see limits.

Recently the hubster and I checked out a great opportunity!  We had several plans already with how we would turn this opportunity in to something grand.  Then we talked.  It is a great opportunity!  But it is not a great opportunity for us.  That was a good thing to admit.  It brought a little relief and a little bit of a party-pooper vibe.  Making the right decision is not always fun.  But I know we will be glad we made the right decision in years to come.

Tonight I am thankful for wisdom gained from slowing down and analyzing things a little more in respect to myself.  It is contrary to my natural way of thinking for sure.  And I know it will yield better results than I could have when left to my natural way of thinking!

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