Two Years

It was two years ago when my son decided he was not going to continue with the fall sport he had signed up for.

The hubster and I had to have a chat.  On one hand, he had signed up for the sport.  On the other hand, they had only had like two practices.  And he was not enjoying his time at all.  So we talked with him about commitment, and that if this had been further in the season he would have had to have stayed.  But, this was the beginning and it wasn’t for him.  It is a good lesson to finish what you start.  It is also a good lesson to learn to leave a situation that isn’t for you before you invest a lot and have people depending on you when you shouldn’t be there.

There was one stipulation; he had to pick something else to do . . anything else physical to exert some energy.  He took a little time to think and decided on ninja skills.  Like the tv show American Ninja Warrior.  I searched and found two gyms in close proximity.  One of them had closed indefinitely.  So, the other gym it was!  He just had to wait until after football season.  Because I could not take on one more driving commitment at that time.

Iron Grip Ninja gym in Howell has been great for my son!  He has had fun there.  He has made friends there.  He has challenged himself there!  And he has grown there.

Tonight was his last class for awhile.  Now he has a sport during every season.  We’ve had to skip a lot of ninja classes.  And this was just the time to finish up with classes.  I’m sure we’ll be back for open gym time!  This won’t be the end.

Tonight I am thankful for my son’s time at the ninja gym!  It has been great for him.  And my mommy-self has enjoyed the drive time to chat with my growing teenager!

Here he is during one of the first classes!


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