Annoying and Irritating

This is how we keep the magic alive right here.  We laugh together.  Often.

Sometimes we are night and day different.  Sometimes we fit together like pieces of a puzzle.  Sometimes he’s lazy.  Sometimes I push too far.  Sometimes we work together like clockwork.

Twenty One years ago we were talking at work.  I laughed at his arrogance.  He laughed at my naivety.  I was annoyed by him.  He was irritated by me.

He’ll admit, it changed one day when I wore a skirt to work and he saw my legs (see, annoying!).  One day he kissed me out of the blue and I laughed in his face (perhaps a little irritating to him!).

Tonight I am thankful that although he still annoys me and I still irritate him, it’s part of our charm ❤  I love him.  And he loves me.  A lot of our days lately are catching up in a few minutes at my desk while I work, or via those handy cell phones.  And I realize how wonderful it is that our relationship is built on trust, love, and a fun sense of humor that can keep things held together when our day to day life gets a little taxing.



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