Not Even Close

I went for a run today with the cheerleaders during their warm-ups.  Oh boy.

I am doing a 5k with my son in just a week or two.  I am SOOO not ready.

I’ve been “meaning to” make time for some runs.  But I haven’t.  When my calendar starts filling up “momma time” always gets pushed off the bottom of the page.

When we first signed up for this 5k I made a personal goal to run the whole thing and try to keep up with my son.

Hmph . . . well, it was a good goal.  It really was.  But, the businesses are all doing very well right now.  And although I’ve made plans to delegate more; training takes time to be able to do that.  In the meantime, running time gets benched so I can serve my customers well!  I don’t want to ever be too busy to serve them well.

I need to see myself as a customer too!!  And I am totally working on that!  It takes time to turn a ship!  The short term goal of improving work flow around here just isn’t a short enough time goal to help with this particular 5k!

Tonight I am thankful that although I’ve had to bench the goal of running the 5k carrying a pumpkin in a couple weeks; I can still go!  I can still walk and run, and walk and run ,and walk and run; and make my way thru the 5k!  And I’ll have a couple more nights to run with the cheerleaders as practice too!!


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