Oh what a day!!!  I had  been waiting for today!

After three other doctors and multiple x-rays, today we got to see the doctor that I’ve been waiting to see.  Doctor number four was highly recommended.  I felt as if I knew him a little already before I even saw him.  On his walls were tons of awards and recognitions.  But what I liked most was the pieces of metal in a frame.  The pieces of metal that go in a person’s back for scoliosis.  The pieces of metal that I don’t ever want inside my son’s body.  Above the pieces of metal were the words, “To Remind Us Why We’re Here”.

There were framed excerpts of articles of leading research that this doctor has done on new and better treatments of scoliosis.  Not just treatments, but also finding out why and how this happens; to be able to treat it better.

We were in the right place.

We have a good plan now.  We are very fortunate that this was caught early in my son during his annual check-up at the doctor.  We are fortunate that our regular chiropractor is also a doctor who is always wanting to learn better ways of doing things.  A few things that he had suggested before our meeting with today’s doctor were spot-on!

Our case isn’t that bad . . yet.  If we did nothing, as some doctors suggested; this story would probably not have the happiest of endings.  I couldn’t just do nothing.  This is my son.  We were given a wonderful opportunity here with the timing of the finding of this thing.  And we are going to do everything in our power to make sure this never becomes more than it is right now.

Tonight I feel so very, very, very blessed and humbled by this whole thing.  If a friend’s daughter hadn’t been in this place before, I wouldn’t have ever heard about Dr. Morningstar!  On our comparatively short road with this so far, I will say we’ve had a good share of conflicting information and thoughts.  And I would urge anyone out there to keep asking questions and keep seeking help until you find the path that makes you feel the most peaceful.


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