Well there’s a bat in the basement.  *sigh*

We tore some walls off in an upstairs room today.  We didn’t think much of it.  Until the bat came flying downstairs this evening.  I knocked it down with my hat (I was thankful to be wearing a hat at the moment!).  A would-be-hunter of a kitty swatted at the bat.  It tried to run away and got in to a small opening in to a crawl space.  From there it found a small opening in to the basement.

I heard a squeek not long ago and saw it flying in the basement.  Now I can’t find it.  Hmph!  I’d rather escort the lost thing out of the house!  I would sleep better if I could do that!!!

Tonight I am thankful that the bat is at least in the basement.  I am thankful that we have cats and dogs in the house looking for the bat.  And I am thankful that I am not afraid of bats!!!

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