Have I ever shared my paint secret?  Some of you may already know.

Whenever you are strolling thru a home improvement store, make sure to check out their rack of marked-down colored paint.  These are cans of paint that someone had the store mix, but then the person didn’t buy the paint.

I’ve been picking up a few different colors for a project I knew we had coming.  But I wanted one more color.  The hubster and I stopped today at Menards and four cans of matching color on clearance for $5/can.  So for half the cost of one normal can of paint, we got FOUR!  It is a very light, neutral grey-ish color.  And it will work perfect for our project!

Tonight I am thankful for discount paint!  There are certain times we need a particular color.  But for a lot of things, a little patience with discount racks and a little flexibility on color definitely work in our favor!

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