I’ve been waiting for my appointment late this afternoon.

I knew I wouldn’t get answers.  I talked to my mom earlier today and she said,”call me when you’re done”.  I told her, “there won’t be anything to tell.  I’m sure he’s just going to order some tests.”.

I mean, I knew what would happen.  But still.  I left and felt a little let down. *sigh*  Without admitting it, I was hoping to be told something or get a glimpse of something that might be going on.

But, this is just the next step.  Steps are good.  We are moving.  Moving in the right direction.

So tonight I choose to be thankful for going in today and having tests ordered.  I could stay bummed that there are no answers.  I also could have waited another week to see the doctor.  So I’ll choose to be thankful instead.  I’ll be thankful that I am one more step closer to having a plan and a path to follow to wind up healthy!


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