Lesson Learned!

When we got our new puppy last summer we took him out all the time!  It was clear then that he was not naturally a “people person” type of doggy.  And that’s ok.

I didn’t take him out much during the winter.  And this spring he was even less of a “people person” dog; he barked at everyone.  He’s left the house more this summer and has shown significant improvement.

Today he had to go to the vet.  He did good in the waiting room.  He didn’t bark at anyone.  He did ok in the room.  He growled when they tried to take his temperature – really, can you blame him?  A stranger comes up and tries to stick something in his rear.  I would growl too.  Heck, I would bite and kick and all out fight!

Then it came time for his shots.  They wanted to take him in the back room.  I told them I would not advise that.  But they wanted to give it a try.

He comes back to the room after several minutes, very excited to see me!  Then the doctor comes in to talk about sedatives.  She told me they had four people holding him and he was growling.

I believe I rolled my eyes at her.  It is natural for a dog to be upset when they take him away from his mom (me), have four stranger hold him down, and stick him with metal needles!  No, I’m not going to sedate him.  And I warned them about taking him away from me in the first place!!

Tonight I am thankful that I know an incredibly nice, caring, and intelligent veterinaran.  We will be going to see her from now on.  We hadn’t gone to her already because of the drive.  But after today, it’s worth the drive!  I should have been making the drive in the first place!!!


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