Bye Bye

Oh this house . . 10 years of memories.

I never lived here.  My parents did. My youngest was just a baby when they moved here.  This house was great for them for a number of years.

Actually my parents have been ready to leave for quite some time.  This house served a purpose in their lives.  And they’ve been ready to move on for awhile.  I think it was harder on me that they moved honestly!

I stopped out this afternoon.  I took my lockbox off the front door.  I had to walk thru the house, to leave thru the garage.  I glanced around one last time.  I fought back tears.  I drove down the driveway and stopped at the end of the driveway to get my sign out of the yard.  I looked down the driveway that has the flowers my mom planted, several of them moved from my house (I kill plants).  I looked down the road at the small bridge.  I pictured the kids throwing sticks off one side of the bridge and running to the other side to see whose stick got there first – Pooh Sticks is the game, from Winnie the Pooh.  I started tearing up again.  Then a bug bit me on my elbow. Ouch!

Ah life . . it has a great way of smacking me out of the nostalgia!!

Tonight I am thankful that this house was a good home for my parents for a whole decade!  I am thankful for the wonderful memories made here.  And I am thankful that their new home is everything they were looking for in their next life adventure!

Good Bye house!  Your new owners are so excited to make their own memories with you!!





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