I looked at my calendar.  For the past 12 business days (or over two weeks), I have had at least one appointment every day that is not a “normal” business appointment.

That is almost two and a half weeks of “extra” appointments; every single day.  No wonder I don’t feel like I have a good grip on things!

I was listening to my favorite Entreleadership book on cd while I drove to appointments today.  He talks about organizing/planning your day.  I’m not good at this.  Lately I just seem to be going from one urgent thing to the next urgent thing.  I need to change this!

So I looked at the calendar.  The next five business days all have “extra” appointments on them!  That takes me in to next week!

So here’s what I’ve decided to do!  I’m changing my mindset.  I can’t change all the appointments.  But I can change how I react to them.  And how I handle them.  This will be very difficult for me!!  But . . it is time.  It is time to change the mindset that “when things slow down” I’ll do this or that.  I can’t make life slow down to a certain extent.  But I can slow me down a little bit.

Tonight I am thankful that I can take kids and dogs and myself to all these appointments.  Although they bog down my calendar, I do know that I am truly blessed to have a job that so easily can allow for these things!  And I am thankful that I have the chance to change how I am handling these things so that I don’t drag myself in to a sea of taxi-cab confusion . . I’ve been here!  It’s time to get better direction!

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