We have a few kitties that live inside our home.  Each inside kitty has her own story, as to why she is no longer a barn kitty.

Mittens is the kitty that has been inside the longest.  So she feels like she is the queen.  She used to sleep next to me.  But, I move a lot in my sleep.  And I sent her flying off the bed a few too many times.  I was asleep!!  It was not intentional.  But, she’d had enough.

She has since decided that when I stay up late, or get up early to get some work done when the house is quiet; that this should be our new snuggle time!  I don’t want to hurt the kitty’s feelings.  And I do enjoy a nice kitty snuggle!  But, she sure makes it hard to get work done!

Tonight I am thankful for the kitty snuggles!  I wish I could teach her to type!  Then we could work and snuggle!  We’d be so productive!


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