I stopped today to get some groceries, mostly just for myself.  As I’ve been going thru this medical crap with still more questions than answers; I figure it is time to take this a little more seriously.

Honestly I thought I would have better answers by now.  And I thought a lot of this was circumstantial.  Maybe it still is.  I have no idea.

It’s not super fun to go buy all the healthier food.  I mean, I should have been doing it all along.  But it still isn’t fun to walk by the ice cream, and the cookies, and the chips; and not put anything at all in your cart!  When I got to the check-out there was gum on clearance!  I love finding gum on clearance.  I have four kiddos.  And they like gum!

Tonight I am thankful for healthy food (and hopefully a healthier me!) and clearance gum!

*The spearmint gum was my last clearance find!  Today was the rest


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