This week has had some hard days.  Too many for one week for sure.

Some days a person just has nothing left to give.  And that’s ok.  I cancelled on a few things this week.  And do you know what happened?  The world kept on turning.  It was ok.

Today I reflected on some of the wonderful people in my life.  I’ve thought for awhile about the Mr Roger’s quote I shared a couple weeks ago about looking for the “helpers” whenever there are bad world events.  And that is good!  It is also good to watch for the “helpers” in your own life when life gets rough.

I am thankful this week for the mom who left work so our daughters could work out a problem.  I am thankful for the friend who covered for me when I just couldn’t go to an event.  I am thankful for lunch with a friend who hasn’t turned and ran from my lack of organizations while we figure out a new path.  I am thankful for the friend who sent me a beautiful birthday gift – and I am more thankful for her heartfelt words about the present that made it even sweeter.  I am thankful for the mom who brought my son home because I double-booked my mom-taxi obligations.  I am thankful for my hubster who has had to pick up some slack this week with me not being my best self.  I am thankful for my kiddos who have had to tell me things repeatedly because I have been too exhausted to remember what they’ve said.  There are many more that I am thankful for!  I am truly blessed.

Tonight I am thankful that hard moments in life always have more good than they do bad . . sometimes it just takes a little extra looking to see the good.  The good can be easy to overlook sometimes.  But it is so important to recognize it; it is good for the soul to remember the things in life to be thankful for.


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