Ten Years

Ten years ago today, I turned 29.  That started a year of trying to keep myself in check.  The looming age of 30 was not exciting for me.  My 20’s went so fast!  In a ten year time I bought my first house, graduated college, got married, sold that first house and bought our family house, had four children while working like crazy and starting my own business, lost our house, almost lost my marriage, started to rebuild our marriage, and started to pick up the pieces of years of bad financial decisions.  30 seemed so “adult”.  I’d had my fill of “adult” and didn’t want to go deeper in to “adult”ing.

Now I see the irony, my 30’s of “adult”ing weren’t nearly as stressful as I thought they would be!!  We bought our current wonderful family home, I got better at business, a lot better, started a second business, then a third, we found how to have a much, much strong and better marriage, we found Dave Ramsey – a wonderful plan for financial peace, and we’ve been raising our four babies in to four very wonderful young people!

39 is going to be great!  Next year’s age 40 doesn’t scare me.  I’ve always tried to keep the mindset that age is just a number.  Now I totally feel like age is just a number!  Oh, I have some goals for 39!  With my recent health concerns, I know for sure that they wouldn’t have been so bad, or maybe even happened at all, if I had stayed keeping my health as a priority.  It is so easy to push myself to the bottom of the list.  I’ll be good for a day or three, then it is just plain easier to do all the other things that need to be done.  My birthday present to myself is to recognize that this will be very hard to say NO to some things so that I can say to yes to myself.  I’ve said no to myself for so long; it has become habit.  Habits can be broken . . and will be.

Tonight I am thankful for a good birthday (I even got a nap!).  I am thankful that 39 doesn’t scare me.  29 didn’t necessarily scare me, but I sure wasn’t excited about it.  I’m excited for 39!  It’s going to be great!


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