All Done!

Today marks a monumental day in my home.  My youngest child has lost his last baby tooth.  Yes there are no more baby teeth in this house.  Aside from three sets of wisdom teeth, the tooth fairy is getting ready to retire.

By the way, I am a horrible tooth fairy!  I was so glad when all the kids were old enough to just hand me their tooth in exchange for “tooth fairy money”.  I’ve woken children up on numerous occasions.  I’ve plain forgotten.  I couldn’t find teeth stashed under pillows.

Yeh, whoever made up the tooth fairy thing was not thinking clearly.  Perhaps if the children were to leave their teeth on a window sill or on the table for the fairy . . wouldn’t that be better?  Who ever thought to make it a parents job to first of all stay awake until after their children are fast asleep – strike one.  Make sure they have the proper cash at all times for whenever a tooth might fall out – strike two.  And then somehow exchange the tooth and money without disturbing a sleeping child when you move their pillow – strike three!!  I almost think it was an evil, vindictive, childless relative who came up with whole idea! 😉

Tonight I am thankful that all the baby teeth are out!  OH, and get this . . this is his third tooth lost in three days!!  He lost one Sunday, Monday, and now Today!!  We are going out with a bang over here!!



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